My coaching is direct, compassionate, and powerful.  

I am fully committed to your transformation and expansion.


Here’s more of what you can expect from working with me:

One-on-one breakthrough sessions, with my complete focus on you and your desired outcomes.

Individualized coaching, so that the sessions, on-going communication, resources, and action plans are individualized for you and your success.

Leading edge training and insights.  I am more committed to working on myself, than anyone I know.  I train and coach with the most cutting edge and powerful trainers and coaches, so that I can be as equipped, knowledgable, and resourceful as possible.

A commitment to serve you, rather than please you.  I will be able to recognize thought patterns, paradigms, and mindsets that are keeping you stuck, and I will directly coaching you through them, even when it may feel uncomfortable for you.

Empowerment, even when we have to problem-solve the “not-so-pretty” part of your life.  Those I work with continuously tell me that I am the only person they know that can “keep it real with them,” and empower them simultaneously.

Insights and guidance based on tens of thousands of hours of research, study, degree work, and experiences with self-improvement, mental faculties, psychology, quantum physics, spirituality, Universal Laws, abundance, success codes, business results, effective training, and coaching.

My alignment in my authentic power when we speak, so that I am guided by my Higher Self, as well as only focused on you in your most expanded, Highest Self.

Complete confidentiality and integrity, so that you are comfortable in being transparent. 


I want to live my best life and work with Heather



“From the very first time we spoke, Heather completely blew me away.  The resonance I felt was astonishing. Her intuitive guidance was like my inner guidance was speaking directly to me. I was at a point in my life in which I was lonely, withdrawn, and confused about the direction of my life and career. She helped me to change my life and multiply the coaching investment I have made in myself. The love and truth behind Heather’s coaching is powerful. She has helped me reconnect with my Higher Self and experience first hand that we do not have to face our reality because we are creators of our reality. I have been manifesting more with greater ease thanks to Heather, and I live with less resistance. Coaching with Heather is hands down the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

         ~ Carlos Tavarez – Business Owner, Trainer, & Entrepreneur



You may be ready for life-changing coaching if one or more of the following resonates with you:  

You are committed to your transformation, and thus eager for a powerful coaching experience that will guide you in living your best life.

You are a leader and a change agent, and you want to lead and empower others more effectively.

You want an edge in your personal and professional life, compared to your un-coached peers.

You have a challenge you would like help exploring and solving.

You have an enthusiastic approach to life and are interested in taking bold action for bold results.

You have a dream, large goal, or major project that you want to complete or achieve as quickly as possible.

You know you are destined for greatness, but are just confused on how to make it happen.

You are an entrepreneur who has many great ideas, but you desire the clarity to know which ideas to pursue.


I want to live my best life and work with Heather