July 3, 2016

Work with Heather

Work with Heather

Our coaching relationship is a partnership.

You bring all of who you are.
I illuminate your Authentic Self.

Together, we create your life to reflect
the masterpiece you truly are, and always have been.

Authentic Empowerment Coaching is designed to help you rediscover who you truly are, so that you are creating your life as your Authentic Self. It is more than just life coaching. It is a sustainable shift in your awareness, so that you can reclaim your innate power and finally sustain the changes you create.

ALL areas of your life improve when you begin the process of intentionally aligning with your Authentic Self because it is an integration of your heart, Soul, inner Truths, mind, spirit, intuitive gifts, inner genius, and other innate parts of you that make up your unique blueprint. It is in this connection to your most Authentically Empowered Self that you can FEEL and TRUST you are living from a place of Authentic Power. And thankfully, there’s no turning back once you feel this ALIVE!

Intentional Commitment
Heather LOVES making coaching as fun and enjoyable as possible! And, it will be! However, you must commit to the coaching process, even when the change you experience is temporarily uncomfortable. Heather intuitively and strategically coaches you through the discomfort that may come with transformation, in the way that is best for you and your unique journey. When you commit to aligning with your Authentic Self, which is the gateway to your most powerful and meaningful life, you will have to let go of limiting beliefs, contradicting identities, past traumas, harmful patterns, and other disempowering energies that restrict your growth. In this letting go, you simultaneously will grow, into your highest potential. 

Willingness to Change
As a multidimensional energetic being, you are in a constant state of motion, and thus, change. Change is inevitable. You can either allow it or resist it. The key to feeling empowered during transformation is being proactive with change, as well as intentional, so that you trust you are co-creating the changes you desire. There is a Life force available to all of us, and through our coaching partnership, I will guide you into identifying and utilizing this Life force, so that you truly feel empowered when growing and expanding into your fullest potential. When you learn how to master your energy and co-create with the Universe, change occurs through grace and clarity, rather than pain and victimization.

An Awareness of Who You Truly Are
You are a spiritual being in a physical body, experiencing life through your five physical senses and your developed spiritual senses. The spiritual aspects of you are eternal and constant, and thus, vital to living in your Authentic Power. In order to identify and merge into your Authentic Self, your Soul, your Truth, there must be a connection to this spiritual essence of you. Therefore, Heather’s coaching integrates the relationship you have with your Spirit and Source (God, Universe, insert the name you prefer), with the implementation of proven principles from timeless ancient wisdom, physical intelligences (ie. heart, mind, and gut), universal laws, quantum physics, the science of transformation, natural health and wellness, a synthesis of spiritual teachings, success “codes,” and other proven processes to assist you in developing your spiritual and intuitive senses. 


The best investment you can make is in yourself.

The impact this creates lives on beyond your lifetime.

It creates meaningful and powerful changes for you,

your loved ones, the planet, and future generations.

~ Heather Simon

I am ready to create my best life
and partner with Heather


“From the very first time we spoke, Heather completely blew me away.  The resonance I felt was astonishing. Her intuitive guidance was like my inner guidance was speaking directly to me. I was at a point in my life in which I was lonely, withdrawn, and confused about the direction of my life and career. She helped me to change my life and multiply the coaching investment I have made in myself. The love and truth behind Heather’s coaching is powerful. She has helped me reconnect with my Higher Self and experience first hand that we do not have to face our reality because we are creators of our reality. I have been manifesting more with greater ease thanks to Heather, and I live with less resistance. Coaching with Heather is hands down the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

         ~ Carlos Tavarez – Physical Movement Trainer & Entrepreneur


You may be ready for life-changing coaching if any of the following resonates with you:

You are ready to take ownership of your life and make the necessary changes to live your best life. 

You have always felt “different” and known you have gifts to share with the world, but you are unsure how to get started.

You are a leader and a change agent, and you want to lead and empower others more effectively.

You want an edge in your personal and professional life, compared to your un-coached peers.

You have a challenge you would like help exploring and solving.

You have an enthusiastic approach to life and are interested in taking bold action for bold results.

You have a dream, large goal, or major project that you want to complete or achieve as quickly as possible.

You are tired of feeling like a victim, always facing problems, and are ready to get back in the driver’s seat of life.

You know you are destined for greatness, but are just confused on how to make it happen.

You are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who desires the clarity in knowing which ideas to pursue.