June 30, 2016


Transformational Coach and Speaker

Heather is an empowerment expert and intuitive guide who studies and trains with the most leading edge thought leaders in the industry. Heather’s powerful coaching sessions and trainings are full of electrifying energy, engaging discussion, and advanced mindset shifts – all focusing on her clients’ thought patterns, interests, desires, and outcomes! Heather loves strategically coaching, empowering, and uplifting her clients, and when you connect with her,  you will feel it!

Heather is a certified Transformational Coach, with a master’s degree from Michigan State University. Her background as a life coach, progressive educator, university instructor, diversity leader, success strategist, and corporate trainer gives her a multi-faceted and culturally relevant approach to coaching and training.  These experiences sharpened Heather’s innate ability to meaningfully connect with her clients, as well as recognize opportunities to amplify their inner voice and authentic power.   Heather Simon is a change agent, and those she works with obtain powerful results as they apply her coaching principles and mindset shifts. She inspires her clients to take bold, nontraditional, and spirited action, so that they are creating sustainable change within, and living a life they love! 


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