Heart Hands

From My Heart to Yours

I can imagine you have many things to do, places to go, and people to be with this during time of year. Therefore, I want to honor you and this season with a short message, as well as a gift, from my heart to yours. When we were conceived, the first sign of life was[…]

Orange Leaves Appreciation

What we Appreciate, Appreciates

  This time of year brings extra attention to the themes of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.  And although those themes appear to be the same, appreciation, especially when given as a gift for others, encompasses one of the most heightened energetic vibrations, that both the giver and receiver experience. Therefore, I have a practice for you[…]

GPS Photo

I Only Hit the Road with My GPS On!

One of my favorite inventions of our time is the GPS! GPS gives me the support I need to feel secure when driving to new destinations. I feel empowered to hit the road knowing exactly where I am going, with a clear path to get there, because I am utilizing a system that is a heck of a[…]

Light Orbs_

The Free Gift you Always Have to Give Others

Have you ever walked into a room and felt someone’s presence without even interacting?  Or, have you been in the presence of someone and felt an unexplainable magnetic pull towards her or him?   All the great spiritual teachers and leaders have been known for this type of energetic magnetism. Gandhi, for example, had crowds[…]