I Only Hit the Road with My GPS On!

One of my favorite inventions of our time is the GPS! GPS gives me the support I need to feel secure when driving to new destinations. I feel empowered to hit the road knowing exactly where I am going, with a clear path to get there, because I am utilizing a system that is a heck of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to directions!

The vision I have for my life is similar to a GPS.  When I have a clear vision of what I would like to create in my life, whether it’s with my relationships, professional endeavors, next vacation, ideal state of physical health, finances, or any other area, it is like entering in my destination into my mental GPS.  Keeping this destination, or vision, in the front of my mind helps me make more purposeful and precise decisions because I know where I’m headed.

Typically, creating the vision in our mind, or entering the address in the GPS, is the fun and easy part. It’s exciting to think about where we are heading, especially when its a new place!

However, it’s usually the next steps that keep us from moving forward.  When we think about actually taking action toward our vision, we may feel less excited because we may have to do some things that are new or uncomfortable.  Thus, this is where most of us give up on our vision.​​​​​​​

Multiple times in my past, I have created a vision that excites me, but then stopped moving toward it.  Or, once I started to move toward it, and it required me to grow, change, be uncomfortable, or embrace a painful memory, so I’d just ignore the vision and pretend the destination wasn’t that important to me anyways. 

This would be like typing in the destination address into GPS, turning on the car, and buckling up, but not actually changing it from park to drive. Imagine just sitting in the driveway, hoping the car will just take us to our destination without our participation. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it really wouldn’t be enjoyable either. We have to make a decision to drive the car, just like we have to make the decision to drive our vision, even if it means going into the unknown or being uncomfortable.

And, this is where I have seen myself fail in the past, and where I have witnessed so many eager people I work with struggle.  Sometimes it is scary to hit the road and trust the vehicle, especially if you have had prior accidents.  Sometimes it is frustrating when you actually get the vehicle on the road and unexpected construction causes a traffic jam and delay.  And, sometimes, on our way to our destination, it starts to rain so hard that we can barely even see the road, and we must pull over and let the storm pass. At these times, we often want to just go back home…just like we do with our visions in our life.

However, the GPS does not let us down.  It does not say, “mission aborted – you must now return home because it is raining.”  GPS does not say, “there’s construction so I am giving up on you, and you should give up too.” 

Rather, GPS says, “do a U-turn when you can so that you return on your path” or “take the next exit to get back on course.”  GPS doesn’t quit on us, nor does it punish us for being afraid.  It sticks it out with us, staying focused on the destination.

And that is just like Life – the Life force that created the vision in us stays focused on our vision, and we must too.  Life does not punish us for taking a detour or being afraid, so we must not punish ourselves.  Even when we feel doubt or fear, or when a roadblock comes our way, or a condition seems to be detrimental, we have to remember that there is a force larger than us that created a vision in our mind that is not focused on the doubt, fear, conditions, or circumstances.  It’s focused on our joy and destination. This Life force, like a GPS, rises above all of our limitations and past struggles, and keeps calling us toward the vision we desire; toward the Life that we deserve.  Our role is to just keep driving, knowing the destination is ahead. 

Just like the GPS has more knowledge than I do regarding directions, our Life force has an infinite source of knowledge, ideas, and insights to guide us, especially when we don’t have it figured out ourselves. When we align ourselves with this Intelligence, it can offer us the shortest, best route to our destination.

This is why I do what I do! I coach others, like you, into their authentic power because it is such a gift to strategically and intuitively guide you into the clarity and joy you deserve, so that you can be back in the driver’s seat of life and reach your dreams! 

Aligning with your authentic power gives you the confidence, guidance, and resilience to keep driving toward your vision.  And, in time, the drive actually gets easier and more enjoyable.

Cheering you on, from my driver’s seat,



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