June 30, 2016

Meet Heather

Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Guide,
and Empowerment Expert

Light Warrior, Free Spirit, and Seeker of Inner Truth

I AM a Light Warrior.

I AM a seeker, carrier, transformer, and teacher of the LIGHT. I embrace and utilize who we all are energetically – luminous LIGHT beings, so that I can best illuminate a path for creating a life of JOY, FREEDOM, CLARITY, PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, and SELF LOVE. As a Light Warrior, I take full responsibility for the shadows and the LIGHT within my Soul and energetic field, as well as the vibrations I emanate, even unconsciously. This awareness and accountability assists me in strategically empowering you in your own authentic process of honoring your LIGHT.

I AM a Free Spirit.

My life is also full of FUN! I am here to enjoy diverse experiences and live freely. I LOVE exploring our world through travel, playing with my children, dancing and singing, appreciating Mother Earth’s gifts, enjoying delicious meals, connecting with inspiring Souls, researching metaphysical, esoteric and ancient teachings, and laughing as often as possible!

I AM a Seeker of Inner Truth.

My personal and spiritual development is my first priority. This gives me the ability to intuitively coach and empower you into your own AUTHENTIC POWER. I still have limiting beliefs, self doubt and fear. I just don’t allow these energies to stay. Instead, I use proven methods to illuminate them as they are – energies seeking the Light. And in this awareness, I bless and transform my limitations and fear into greater EMPOWERMENT and LOVE, while taking aligned action. This is the path to sustainable transformation.

Prior to becoming a certified life coach, I had the opportunity to gain professional experience and greater INNER TRUTH as an educator and diversity leader for over a decade. I earned three degrees, including a master’s degree in education and instruction. I taught undergraduates and graduate students at the university level, including the USA’s #1 teaching college, Michigan State University. This experience gave me credibility and experience with human potential, behavioral sciences, and advanced learning theories. However, my most meaningful experiences have been from studying and connecting with cultures from around the world, especially through ancient wisdoms and timeless spiritual practices. Training with and applying various energy modalities, plant medicines and herbs, quantum physics, transformational strategies, and multi-dimensional ascension practices, have been and continue to be instrumental to my coaching expertise and development of INNER TRUTH.

I AM aligned with my Authentic Power.

After quite an intense ride earlier in my life, I made a decision to transform my past mistakes and trauma into RESILIENCY, which set me FREE from the bondage of shame and victimization. I AM now intentional with my personal and spiritual development, and thus, I AM living in my AUTHENTIC POWER. I AM aligned with my SOUL, living my PURPOSE, strengthened by my Angels, Guides, and HIGHER SELF, grounded in my TRUTH, committed to my HUMOR and JOY, and in LOVE with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

And, best of all, I have the honor of utilizing ALL that I AM in service to YOU, so that you can also live in your AUTHENTIC POWER.

Blessings Always,

Heather Simon, M.A.

Every conversation I have with Heather shines a new light on my world. I always gain an immense amount of clarity. Having Heather as my coach has changed my life forever. I am living my dreams in a location I love solely because she inspired me to do better and helped me realize that I deserve everything I desire. Heather is encouraging, empowering, and most of all, intelligent. I would advise anyone considering her services to take the opportunity immediately – she is simply the best!
~ Morgan David

You can feel Heather’s sincerity just by being in her presence. Here essence alone inspires us to become our highest potential. She is the real deal! Your life will improve with each interaction, so imagine how empowered you will become when she is your coach! I am such a better father from her coaching, and my family is stronger than ever!
~ Josh Presley