GPS Photo

I Only Hit the Road with My GPS On!

One of my favorite inventions of our time is the GPS! GPS gives me the support I need to feel secure when driving to new destinations. I feel empowered to hit the road knowing exactly where I am going, with a clear path to get there, because I am utilizing a system that is a heck of a[…]

heathersimon Present

Your Presence is a Gift

Recently I watched my three-in-a-half year old son scoot down all 13 stairs on his bottom, in rhythm and cadence, as he sang to himself.  He was completely present in the moment, following his natural rhythm.  He was happy – not thinking about time or the commitment we had to run off to. I thought about[…]


Your Physical Environment can Inspire your Inner Environment

When I was growing up, my mom used to change around the living room furniture every few months. I remember that when I would first walk in to the newly arranged space, I would always feel uplifted. The items did not change, but my perspective of the space changed. There was a freshness that brought[…]


What are You Focusing on?

  For the next few moments, I invite you to focus on your focus! When my clients really grab ahold of the success principle of focus, their life has profound change. Our focus instantly tells our body how to feel, and thus, react. Our focus creates how we experience each moment of life. So, when[…]