Heart Hands

From My Heart to Yours

I can imagine you have many things to do, places to go, and people to be with this during time of year. Therefore, I want to honor you and this season with a short message, as well as a gift, from my heart to yours. When we were conceived, the first sign of life was[…]

heathersimon Present

Your Presence is a Gift

Recently I watched my three-in-a-half year old son scoot down all 13 stairs on his bottom, in rhythm and cadence, as he sang to himself.  He was completely present in the moment, following his natural rhythm.  He was happy – not thinking about time or the commitment we had to run off to. I thought about[…]


What if You only had ONE Responsibility?

I remember when I had Monday morning dread!     For some, the work week is ahead, and this is often when most people feel the “burden” of responsibility.   For many people, being back to work, and balancing all they have on their overflowing plate, looks different than the weekend.   I used to get[…]