The Free Gift you Always Have to Give Others

Have you ever walked into a room and felt someone’s presence without even interacting?  Or, have you been in the presence of someone and felt an unexplainable magnetic pull towards her or him?  

All the great spiritual teachers and leaders have been known for this type of energetic magnetism. Gandhi, for example, had crowds of people literally follow him on his journeys, just so they could feel his presence.

And we all have the same capabilities. When I was an educator, I witnessed challenging students becoming friendlier and more attentive, just by having certain teachers in their presence. I love watching my 16-year-old daughter around babies, toddlers, and small children. These little beings gravitate toward her – even those whom are usually strongly attached to their parents. And she can calm, as well as create the most playful joy, in children she meets for the first time.

Here’s partially why a person’s presence can be felt without ever physically touching them. We are energy – vibrational energy in constant motion. We are always emanating light waves and frequencies, just like a radio. And although most of our naked eyes cannot see this type of energy, it has been scientifically proven. When our vibrations, or light photons, emit from us, they carry an invisible, yet noticeable energy, which can be felt by others.   

Let’s take this to you.  You are a powerful being emanating energy to others. Whether you do it consciously or not, you are always giving off a “vibe,” as Bob Marley beautifully coined it.  This vibe, or vibration, can be interpreted by others, whether it feels enjoyable, or irritable and unkind.  When it is an enjoyable vibe, you have just given others a beautiful gift, for free.

If being cheerful and enjoyable feels like it is too much to give somedays, here’s another great option.  When first encountering someone, take a moment to pause first and think about the person in their best essence – as a Spirit in a human physical (energetic) body, and then bless them or wish them well in some way.  This has also been proven to make a measurable difference in not only the other person’s energy and well-being, but yours as well!​​​​​​​

Like any new conscious practice, it takes time to wire our brain into a habit. When I first started engaging in this, I had to utilize reminders, such as a new bracelet, an alert on my phone, or sticky notes, to remind me to bless or send love to the next person I interacted with – whether I knew the person or not.

If blessing people isn’t your thing, I have also silently sent people love by seeing a glowing white light surrounding their body, or I have silently expressed, “Namaste,” which in Hinduism is similar to, “the Divine in me acknowledges the Divine in you.”

I want to reiterate the best part of this giving; when we give this gift to others, it is also creating more loving and joyful energy within ourselves.  We are all truly one, connected at the molecular level, so when we give the gift of a blessing, our own vibration elevates with greater joy and well-being as well.

If you decide to try this, I’d love to know how it goes.  Email me, or stay connected on social media, to share any celebrations!  And, if you think this email would benefit others, I’d love it if you shared it!  It’s another free way to uplift those you love!



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