What we Appreciate, Appreciates


This time of year brings extra attention to the themes of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.  And although those themes appear to be the same, appreciation, especially when given as a gift for others, encompasses one of the most heightened energetic vibrations, that both the giver and receiver experience.

Therefore, I have a practice for you to utilize this week that will give extra good vibes to you, your loved ones, and if you are really feeling it, those you randomly meet as you are out and about!

Here is the practice: express to those you know and meet, what you appreciate about them.  Be specific, authentic, and joyful, and watch the magic happen.

This may be a formal event where everyone goes around the table at Thanksgiving and after saying what they are grateful for, each person than says what they appreciate about someone at the table.  (For an extra good vibe “kick,” also add in having each person say what they appreciate about themselves.)  This may also be at the grocery store when you let the person running the cash register know that you appreciate how thoughtful they are in they way they bag your groceries.  It may be a moment when your significant other wakes up and you let her or him know that you simply appreciate s/he exists because her/his existence has made a difference in our world.

As an educator, I started a practice called Compliment Club, in which every Friday my students (of all levels I taught) went around the room and said what they appreciated about a classmate whom they had to watch and find the “good” in for a week.  This had transformative effects on my students and classroom community.

I adopted this practice during my children’s birthday parties. I ask each guest to share what they appreciate about my child, whom we are celebrating.  It creates a celebratory energy that does not happen with tangible presents.

Recently I was encouraging and informing a varsity volleyball team in their championship journey, and at the end of one of our discussions, I had the girls go around the room and tell one another what they specifically appreciated about each other.  This practice completely changed the energy in the room, and it carried over into their non-volleyball interactions because they experienced how it changed them within.

During a Mother’s Day gathering, I had my children, nieces and nephew write down and share what they appreciated most about their mom, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother and then present their appreciations to these special women. Some tears were shed, and the sharing created sincere, heart-felt energy.

And, here’s one of the best parts of this practice – it is usually more powerful for the giver, than the receiver.  In fact, because it is not something most people are used to doing on a regular basis, it can even create discomfort in giving and receiving the appreciation.  However, just like any new practice or change in our life, once we move through the discomfort, the growth or expansion we feel is a life-giving force that is full of love and sacred energy.

Some of you already do this on a regular basis. Some of you may do it once in awhile.  Wherever you are in your appreciation journey, I invite you try this practice this week, and see how it feels within you.  If it feels good, fulfilling, and life-giving, I encourage you to keep utilizing this practice.  Make it a daily part of your life.  For it is in the things that give us an expansion feeling, or deep joy, that we know is meant to be, and meant to stay.

I’d love to know how this goes, so please email back with celebrations. And, if you think someone you love may enjoy this practice, please forward them this email (maybe include an appreciation compliment with it)!

In closing, I want to express my appreciation for you. I appreciate that you choose to use your valuable time to open and read my emails. I appreciate that you choose to be engaged in self-development. It is my sincere desire that the investment you make in reading my content encourages, and serves you and those you love.

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