Your Presence is a Gift

Recently I watched my three-in-a-half year old son scoot down all 13 stairs on his bottom, in rhythm and cadence, as he sang to himself.  He was completely present in the moment, following his natural rhythm.  He was happy – not thinking about time or the commitment we had to run off to. I thought about asking him to hurry up and scoot faster, so we’d be on time.  Thankfully, I stopped myself.  Instead, I just watched him in admiration.  I wanted to feel as he did.

My children are my best teachers, and my toddler, Julian, is helping me remember that we can either slow down and enjoy ourselves more, or we can rush through the day unaware of how a scarcity mindset of time is controlling us and causing a restricted flow in our well-being.  He’s helping me remember how a schedule, or time in general, is actually very unnatural to our authentic self, and that is why so many toddlers resist, or have melt downs, when they feel schedules and time are controlling their play and fun (toddlers do not conceptualize time).

When I stopped myself and allowed Julian to scoot down the stairs as he desired, I gave his mind and spirit more opportunity for harmony.  I allowed him to continue to strengthen (or at least not deter) his present mindfulness and ability to stay focused in joy longer, especially compared to if I had rushed him.  Present moment focus is a practice and skill I’m having to relearn as an adult. Thankfully, I have a great model to learn from.

I often consciously reflect, asking myself, “What do I value now in life?  Am I spending my time being present and according to my values?” 

It takes deliberate intention and practice to consistently ask ourselves, “Am I living as I desire?  Am I living my values?  Am I allowing presence in my life, or am I rushing through from task to task without consciously creating the experiences I value most?  What changes can I make to better align with my values and desires, as well as to become more present with my loved ones?”

And, as always, change only happens when I take action regarding the responses to my questions.

It is liberating to make changes in our life consciously because we own our power as a creator. I have found that when we proactively make changes in our life in honor of living a life of greater ease, joy, clarity, freedom, and abundance, it creates a vibration within us that is always matched and supported by the Universe.

I encourage you to set aside 10 minutes a week to consciously reflect and adjust with the above guiding questions of desire, presence, and living according to what you value.   It will be a powerful step toward living a more authentically empowered life!



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